The Comprehensive Guide to Mastering When2Meet

When2Meet is a simplistic yet effective digital platform that comes to the rescue when you need to plan events or meetings with a large group of people, especially when on a tight budget. This free tool helps ease the process of finding a common date and time that works for everyone.

Dive into this guide to get acquainted with When2Meet, its feature offerings, and its drawbacks.

Calendar Chaos: The Reality of Scheduling Meetings in Large GroupsCalendar Chaos: The Reality of Scheduling Meetings in Large Groups

Getting to Know When2Meet

When2Meet operates as an online calendar aimed at orchestrating events involving numerous participants. It allows users to mark their available dates and times, while also viewing the availability of others, making it easier to pinpoint a time that suits the entire group.

Here’s who can benefit from When2Meet:

  • Students
  • Freelancers
  • Micro enterprises

The platform is characterized by its straightforwardness in both purpose and functionality.

Unpacking When2Meet Features

When2Meet keeps it simple by offering basic scheduling tools without any bells and whistles.

Here’s what you get with When2Meet:

  • Planning for events and groups
  • One-on-one scheduling
  • Varying time slot lengths

Areas Where When2Meet Falls Short

  • Google Calendar Integration: The lack of integration with other calendars like Google Calendar means that users have to manually update their availability, which could be streamlined if such an integration were available.
  • Confirmation Emails: When an event is created, a unique link is generated which is crucial for access to the event page. However, the absence of confirmation emails containing this link makes it easy for it to get lost amidst other communications.
  • Recurring Availability: Although When2Meet allows users to view schedules on a monthly basis, it lacks a feature for setting recurring availability. For example, if a user is free every Tuesday from 3 pm to 5 pm, they'll have to manually select these time slots for every Tuesday in a month.
  • Mobile Optimization: The mobile version of When2Meet could do with a revamp as it mirrors the web version, making interactions on a smaller screen rather cumbersome due to the drag and toggle functionality.

Queries You Might Have

  • Member Capacity per Event: It appears there are no restrictions on the number of members you can invite to a When2Meet event using a single link.
  • The ‘Optional Password’ Feature: The inception of When2Meet was driven by a vision of user privacy. While an event link is mandatory for access, the optional password feature allows users to safeguard their individual calendars from being altered by others possessing the same link.
  • Why Opt for When2Meet over Other Advanced Calendar Apps? Despite its shortcomings, When2Meet stands out for its privacy, simplicity, and affordability. It doesn’t ask for any personal information, is easy to use, and is free, making it a decent choice for one-off scheduling needs.

Navigating the When2Meet Login

The login process on When2Meet is straightforward yet a tad misleading. Users can enter a name along with an optional password. Interestingly, the platform doesn’t bind you to any set credentials, allowing you to use it on different occasions without having to use the same login details.

Setting Up on When2Meet

Post login, you’ll land on a page showcasing two charts - one displaying your availability and the other reflecting the group’s availability. The drag-and-drop feature facilitates easy marking of available slots. Real-time updates are a plus as any changes made by one user are instantly reflected on the group chart.

Creating Your When2Meet Event: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the When2Meet website.
  2. Name your event.
  3. Select the dates and times for your event.
  4. Verify the time zone.
  5. Hit the ‘Create Event’ button.

When2Meet Pricing Model

The platform operates for free, sustaining on ads and user donations.

Looking for More?

For those in need of a more feature-rich scheduling tool, Meetme could be a solid alternative. It provides a full calendar, easy to share links, one dedicated page, custom service times and pause in between, sharing availabilities to beautiful images for Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook, all within a user-friendly interface. And all available on the web, macOS, iOS and Android.


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